Corporation.K is a digital solution company aiming to assist million young entrepreneurs to establish their first company and achieve their life-time dream project(s).
Corporation.K is a digital solution company aiming to assist million young entrepreneurs to establish their first company and achieve their life-time dream project(s).
Corporation K

creating balance

The letter K comes from the Greek letter Κ (kappa), which was taken from the Semitic kaph, the symbol for an open hand. The letter K is look a lot similar to the water character in Chinese which means creating balance.
Corporate Branding

The research revealed the compelling link between strong brands and stock market performance. It was found that investing in highly-branded companies would lead to a return almost double that of the average for the S&P 500 as a whole.

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Digital Solutions

According to a 2016 survey by Accenture "81% of executives say platform-based business models will be core to their growth strategy within three years."

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Marketing Compaign

Promoting products and/ or services through social media platforms to achieve business goals is 74% important (LinkedIn, 2019). According to a research firm Gartner, 74 per cent of consumers rely on social networks to guide their purchases.

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Digital Intelligence

CorporationK is No.1 digital consultancy in Cambodia.

Chanvandy Phan, Co-Founder & Attorney-at-Law, Legal Trust Cambodia Co., Ltd

Write Enterprise

CorporationK is the excellent write-enterprise for startups in Cambodia.

Maya Sorn, Founder and CEO, Maya Apartment, Maya Village, Maya Handicraft, Antiquated House Conservative Project

Brand Master

CorporationK is the master of corporate branding in Cambodia.

Lay Chay, CEO, COLORCUP GROUP, Color Cup-Cambodia, Color Cup-Reverside


Tell the CorporationK the story, they tell you your business conception and true desire.

Piseth Duk, CEO, PIDA GROUP, PIDA coffee Farm, De Burlap Cafe, Mechanic Coffee Roastery, Private Paradise Resort
Creating Balance

We Brandin’ All Day Long

Whether impulse purchases, products or experiences we buy regularly without thinking, we buy out of a sense of trust and comfort, familiarity and perceived value for money. Many consumers will be reluctant to part with their money – or will not have much money to spend; they will look to spend it in trusted places with trusted names. They will seek much-needed reassurance in unsettling times.

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Young Guns

A Team Fueled By Passion

Nav Chantha
Web &Mobile App Developer

Expertise on Graphic Design, Translation, and WebDevelopment.<br /> MBA in Management, Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia ( PUC )

Kakada Yi
Contemporary Artist

Sometimes people just hear others say that hard work is always achieved, this word is not wrong, but we must have a condition is to work with a plan with the right plan to make that effort to pay off. If you make an effort without a clear strategic plan goal, the result will be non-existent or minimal. Efforts combined with clear plans, perseverance, perseverance, do not give up to achieve satisfactory results.

Sam Oul Ly
IT Engineer

IT support engineer at DEAM Cambodia<br /> Bachelor of Sciences (BS) and Information Technology

Muskan Singh
Marketing Specialist @Python Web Services

I am Marketing Specialist and working with a reputed Digital Marketing firm in Delhi, India. I am specialized in sales and marketing activities related to IT industry

Priyadarshini Mehta
Business development Manager at Python Web Services

I help private owned businesses grow by creating strategic campaigns, SEO, & protecting online reputation. LION

Hicham Houmane
Data Expert

An analyst by nature, product manager by profession, with over 10 years of experience designing, developing, administering, and supporting enterprise solutions.

Adone Academy

<div class="edgtf-ptf-category-holder"><span>AI-based Industry</span> , <span>Knowledge-based Economy</span> , <span>Mini 10K Package</span> , <span>Subcontinent Republic</span></div>

Administration X

<div class="edgtf-ptf-category-holder"><span>AI-based Industry</span> , <span>Big Data Industry</span> , <span>Global Household</span></div>

Administration One

<div class="edgtf-ptf-category-holder"><span>AI-based Industry</span> , <span>Big Data Industry</span> , <span>Global Household</span> , <span>Knowledge-based Economy</span> , <span>Mini 100K Package</span></div>

1 Go Pro

<div class="edgtf-ptf-category-holder"><span>AI-based Industry</span></div>

1 ¢ Corp

<div class="edgtf-ptf-category-holder"><span>AI-based Industry</span></div>

1989 Pro

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Our Mission:

[+] Build a million tech startup.

Here is the mantra that I would like to share with you, my valued clients and audiences:

“I will persist until I succeed. I was not delivered into this world into defeat, nor does failure course in my veins. I am not a sheep waiting to be prodded by my shepherd. I am a lion and I.” – by OG Mandino, in the book “The Greatest Salesman in the World”